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If you are looking for a complete wrench set, check out this Snap’n Grip multipurpose wrench. It is a wrench set with two wrenches that fits all size. This wrench is apt for professionals and amateurs. Specifications: This Snap’n Grip Multipurpose Wrench suits bolts and nuts ranging in size from 9 mm to 32 mm. Since the wrench head adjusts on its own and fits the nuts and bolts automatically, the wrenches serve all kinds of purposes. The smaller of the wrenches has two heads that are differently sized and the larger one has a single head that effectively fits larger nuts and bolts. Made of stainless steel, this wrench set is sturdy. Benefits: This wrench is ergonomically made to promote easy handling. It is lightweight and portable. A preferable tool for various purposes, and because this wrench fits all sizes you will not have to carry a whole set of different wrenches.


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