Philips hair straightner in Nepal

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The original name of Philips is Koninklijke Philips N.V which is also known as Royal Philips, however whole world knows by the name Philips. Phips is a Dutch company which is headquartered in  Amsterdam with divisions classified and mainly focus on electronics, healthcare and lighting. This company was founded in Eindhovan in 1891 by its founder name called Gerard Philips and Father Frederik. Philips is one of the most renowned company in world having 105000+ workers and stores in 60 countries all over the globe. As Philips has three different classified categories they are  Philips consumer lifestyle, Philips healthcare and Philips lighting. Philips consumer lifestyle includes consumer electronics like home and kitchen appliances that are used in one’s life. Philips healthcare is related to medical systems and third one is Philips lighting includes the bulbs and lighting accessories. In 2012 Philips company was the world’s largest manufacturers of lighting according to applicable revenues.

In 2013 the company officially announced the bulk sale on its consumer electronics products to Japan’s Funai electric Co. Later the contract was broken and operation was followed by Philips Company. The history of this company starts from its origin first product they were manufacturing was the light bulbs later on they started manufacturing many products like a radio with buit-in sound system, electric shave called Philishave which was marketed in US with brand named as Norelco , and vacuum tubes in the 1920s. at present Philips have been most powerful and successful company and a great brand as well. There are many consumer electronics like shaver, hair straightening iron, kitchen appliances like air fryer, mixer grinder, toaster, home appliances like TV, vacuum cleaner and so on.

These appliances are also very famous and consumer using this brand finds it very satisfying in Nepal. Most of consumer use this brand Philips appliances for daily use for their home. Philips has also introduced many accessories for men and women like grooming range for mens and hair styling products for women. Philips hair straighter in Nepal is very more popular among women and girls. These Branded tools helps to enhance the beauty of people, you can straighten your hair easy and quick with this Philips hair straightner. This Philip brand is exclusively available on Nepal online shopping which is amazing market place online having all the products clothing, home appliances, kitchen appliances, and many more products with great offers as well.