Hair straightening iron price in nepal

Hair straightner is a device or electric equipment which is used for making hair fully straight shiny. Hair straightening is one of the styles which is very popular and trending hair styles of this new generation however it was also in use since 1890s for straighten hair for sleek, smooth appearance of a person. Hair straightening became more famous in 1950s which were used by all the races black males and females as well. This technique is completed by using various products like hot iron, hot comb, hair straightening cream, chemical relaxers, hair dryer and so on. This process of hair straightening is also known as ‘’rebonding’’ in some countries from southasia like Singapore, Malaysia and so. This word was firstly used REDS hairdressing from Singapore in the late 1980s. If regular heat is provided to hair through flat hair irons and chemicals the hair may get excessive damage like hair split ends, it may also lose its natural shine, however the use to heat protecting sprays may help the hair from getting damage.
There are generally two types of hair straightening one is temporary and another permanent hair straightening treatment. This is specially performed by professionals at beauty saloon. This treatment and style is used by both the genders male and females mostly women are interested in this styling and it is one the most fine style in present date. Temporary hair straightening treatment use less products like hair spray and hair iron for smoother shinier hair for small time period like for being ready forparty or casually this treatment can be performed this straight hair can be only for a day but in permanent many products and chemicals are used and finally the hair iron used to straighten the hair. Permanent straighten hair can be done and the style will be locked for 6 months but only if it is well cared.
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