Fifa world cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

World cup, everyone mind is concentrated in the month of football which comes once in 4 years and participating teams are ready to energize their whole nation along the world. Football the most loved and watched sports which has more fans than any sports. FIFA the governing council has also proved it having more number of affiliated nations than that of the United Nations.

The FIFA world cup 2018 is being held in Russia the powerhouse of world which aims to prove the power in sports by organizing the world football. All the starts from 32 nations worldwide are on their way to Russia to lift the world cup trophy. Many fans from different part of world are already luggage ready to enter the land of snow Russia to overcome the energy being burned inside since last world cup which was held in Brazil.

Talking about the teams, as they are been divided in to 8 groups 4 on each, they aim to reach the second round proving them self. Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, England are the teams most fans follow and many have predicted the winner among these, but the underdogs teams like Croatia, Mexico, Serbia, Iceland, Nigeria etc are also having their mind set to give their everything for the world cup.

The streets are full with the country flag, team jerseys are sold all over the world, the rivals are making funs of the other teams, this is sports and it will go till a month and all people enjoy. Brazil is the only nation where all the timing of schools and offices has been modified for this world cup so that all the citizens can watch it, isn’t it cool.

Qatar will host the next world cup 2022, the smallest country with the largest GDP and emerging gulf has invested almost for making the world cup grand and very much wonderfully, there will be more than 32 teams hope fully which will make way through the grand era and a month of football which is loved by all the people throughout the world. Let’s make the football great again… love for football..