Watches in Nepal are symbolized as a class of person. People wearing watch in generally called an education gentle man who has the time in his hand. It’s an old culture to wear watch by all peoples but in Nepal, watch used to be the symbol of class where people of high class family and standards were able to afford the watches and make other attract through the watch. Later from 90’s slowly all the people started affording the watch to be on time every day.

Talking about the prices, watches in Nepal is according to the brands and quality the customers want to have. From Swiss made Rado to the Nepal local millennium brand watches are found which prices vary from hundreds to hundred thousand. Men loves the stain steel watches whereas ladies prefer the leather and small dial watches though all the gender watches comes in all the available chains and strap which may be steel or leather or hard plastic.

Nepali people are crazy about watches, many nepali used to wear historic Japanese Seiko brand watches which price could have bought them enough land at those era. This is the trend, sports watches, smart watches are now being the necessary to all the people. In this digital world being smarter people are using their watch as phone, to check health and perform other activities to. Mainly the middle class people are being attracted more towards Swiss watches and brands like Rado, Casio, titan, Navy Force, police etc are mens watches in Nepal  following the ladies specially Rolex, MK, Casio, and Gucci and so on. These are the famous brands for women watches in Nepal.

Watches are the main things that are sold high and are number one product for online shopping in Nepal. They may not buy other stuffs from online but watches are easier and they found large number of variants from different models and brands which they love. Shop in Nepal key economic source is also generated by watches.  Where the watches like Rado watch and Casio watch in Nepal are high in demand and loved by most of them. Watches demands are high from all over the country as easy payment for goods and timely delivery of watches for special occasions are highly fulfilled by shop in Nepal online shopping team.