Mobile Phone

Mobile price in Nepal vary according to the brand, functions, model and so on. People previously used to differentiate mobile devices through its price mainly but today the trend has been changed and people want their phone to be smarter than them which are seriously handling their entire works and all the needs too via supporting in every field.

Currently in Nepal the use of mobile phone has been so raised up that, phone has been afforded by all the people with any economic condition. Currently we can define the customers using mobile devices according the uses. Many people today use mobile phones for accessing internet but in context of Nepal, still voice is the main thing. People in Nepal can be classified according to data users, voice users. These people use featured phones and smart phone. The data users are also increasing their habit and making themselves on the way of choosing the best network for accessing internet i.e. 3G networks or 4G networks.

Talking about the mobile brand in Nepal, the market used to be captured by Nokia some years ago whereas today the top brands like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, vivo, Oppo etc has taken the lead to attract more and more customers to make themselves in the field to sell more branded phones and attract people. Apple and Samsung generally classify the class of people according to the economic conditions also where as the new brands like vivo and Oppo are more focused as the camera smart phone  i.e. selfie phones, whereas the other brands Huawei and MI are working to make themselves better as the high battery performing phone. Some other brands are Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, lava, Cool pad, One plus, Zte, Xiaomi, Gionee, htc etc.

Online mobile shopping in Nepal

Is increasing day by day due to the exchange in the peoples thinking about the brands and quality they get while doing online shopping in Nepal. People can expect and get the good quality mobile phones at their home by queering and ordering via Shopinnepal. Easy delivery, easy payment services as well as the scenario for emi have also been increasing to people for buying Smartphone’s in this days.  People from all over the country can easily buy the Smartphone’s accessing the website or mobile to get it in their home.