Fan price in Nepal with different brand

Fan price in Nepal differ according to the brand, origin, functionality and other basic things. The temperature here in Nepal goes up to more than 40 degree where people want to make them cooler using different types of fans. It is the cheapest among the other appliances that are used to make cool. Now the big coolers, ac are used by the one who can afford but common among the people is fans which are cheaper and easier to place also.

Available type of fan in Nepal

 Many types of fans are sold here in Nepal, mostly in Terai region ceiling fans are mostly sold because it’s needed in mostly all over the year, whereas in the hilly region table fans, stand fans, ceiling fans and rechargeable fans  are famous which is used seasonally. Fashion has also been the things that have affected the models and designs in fans, now day’s fancy fans are used which are like the hand fans but are operated through the charge of mobile and usb ports. These are the smallest fans used for personal and can be taken anywhere also.

Top brand of fan in Nepal

Besides the local Chinese fans branded fans prices are little bit higher and have good functionality. CG, Bajaj, Electron, Baltra, home glory, yesuda, orient, usha etc are the branded companies that sells fans all over Nepal providing the best feeling for people to get some sort of coolness from their product. These company provided fans in reasonable price in Nepal and they offer best after sales services to which will enable the most customer experience with their product.Many citizens are well educated now to choose the brands and know which company product is best for them and many buy it from online shops in Nepal.

Relation between electronic appliance and online market in Nepal

Online shopping in Nepal, is a very new beginning having a less history of 5 years, many branded electronic items like mixture, vacuum cleaner, iron, electric geyser etc are sold online and customers across the country in reasonable price and faster delivery with the system of new era technology. People are getting new knowledge about the different appliances too by the help of these online shopping sites in Nepal to buy home appliances and other appliances too.