Hair straightening iron price in Nepal

Hair straightner is a device or electric equipment which is used for making hair fully straight shiny. Hair straightening is one of the styles which is very popular and trending hair styles of this new generation however it was also in use since 1890s for straighten hair for sleek, smooth appearance of a person. Hair straightening became more famous in 1950s which were used by all the races black males and females as well. This technique is completed by using various products like hot iron, hot comb, hair straightening cream, chemical relaxers, hair dryer and so on. This process of hair straightening is also known as ‘’rebonding’’ in some countries from southasia like Singapore, Malaysia and so. This word was firstly used REDS hairdressing from Singapore in the late 1980s. If regular heat is provided to hair through flat hair irons and chemicals the hair may get excessive damage like hair split ends, it may also lose its natural shine, however the use to heat protecting sprays may help the hair from getting damage.
There are generally two types of hair straightening one is temporary and another permanent hair straightening treatment. This is specially performed by professionals at beauty saloon. This treatment and style is used by both the genders male and females mostly women are interested in this styling and it is one the most fine style in present date. Temporary hair straightening treatment use less products like hair spray and hair iron for smoother shinier hair for small time period like for being ready forparty or casually this treatment can be performed this straight hair can be only for a day but in permanent many products and chemicals are used and finally the hair iron used to straighten the hair. Permanent straighten hair can be done and the style will be locked for 6 months but only if it is well cared.
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About Nepal

Nepal is a land of beauty, it is a landlocked country which is surrounded by India and china. The shape of the country in the map is likely a rectangle shape India is surrounded by three parts and China by one part. Nepal is also divided by three parts geologically region s they are Terai region, Hilly region, Himalayan region. Recently a massive earthquake had stroked this holy land the earthquake was recorded 7.8 rector scale followed with 500+ aftershocks and many of lives were taken by this massive natural disaster. Nepal is a beautiful country, and holy land of Lord Shiva which is one he most worshiped god in Hindu culture. Nepal has some very essential minerals as well like iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, tin, uranium, and some rare metals are found in different regions of Nepal.

The three region classified on the base of geography these three regions differs climate as well. Terai region which is hottest region among all, hilly region having humid temperature and Himalayan region consisting of many snowy mountains are situated their so this region is coldest of them all. Terai is region basically is linked with Indian border. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu which is situated right in the middle of the country. This country is also classified in different developing regions as well for focus and development of the country the 5 regions are Eastern development region, Central development region, western development region, Mid-western development region, and last but not the least Far western development region,  also headquartering many cities. Nepal is full of diversity in caste and religion. Each and every caste have their own famous and important festival which is celebrated by togetherness in their community.

The people living here are most of Hindus so the main festival of Nepal is considered as Dashain and Tihar which falls in October month. The whole month is celebrated with rituals, and also called as festive season. In Dashain Goddess Durga is worshipped for 9 days and on 10 days people use to were Tika and Jamara which is placed by the elders of the family member with many good wishes for people. It is the land of Gautam Buddha and the highest peak Mount Everest which is also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal. There are some beautiful scenery and some famous holy places situated here. Visit Nepal for to view its inner beauty by your eyes.


Philips hair straightner in Nepal

The original name of Philips is Koninklijke Philips N.V which is also known as Royal Philips, however whole world knows by the name Philips. Phips is a Dutch company which is headquartered in  Amsterdam with divisions classified and mainly focus on electronics, healthcare and lighting. This company was founded in Eindhovan in 1891 by its founder name called Gerard Philips and Father Frederik. Philips is one of the most renowned company in world having 105000+ workers and stores in 60 countries all over the globe. As Philips has three different classified categories they are  Philips consumer lifestyle, Philips healthcare and Philips lighting. Philips consumer lifestyle includes consumer electronics like home and kitchen appliances that are used in one’s life. Philips healthcare is related to medical systems and third one is Philips lighting includes the bulbs and lighting accessories. In 2012 Philips company was the world’s largest manufacturers of lighting according to applicable revenues.

In 2013 the company officially announced the bulk sale on its consumer electronics products to Japan’s Funai electric Co. Later the contract was broken and operation was followed by Philips Company. The history of this company starts from its origin first product they were manufacturing was the light bulbs later on they started manufacturing many products like a radio with buit-in sound system, electric shave called Philishave which was marketed in US with brand named as Norelco , and vacuum tubes in the 1920s. at present Philips have been most powerful and successful company and a great brand as well. There are many consumer electronics like shaver, hair straightening iron, kitchen appliances like air fryer, mixer grinder, toaster, home appliances like TV, vacuum cleaner and so on.

These appliances are also very famous and consumer using this brand finds it very satisfying in Nepal. Most of consumer use this brand Philips appliances for daily use for their home. Philips has also introduced many accessories for men and women like grooming range for mens and hair styling products for women. Philips hair straightner in Nepal is very more popular among women and girls. These Branded tools helps to enhance the beauty of people, you can straighten your hair easy and quick with this Philips hair straightner. This Philip brand is exclusively available on Nepal online shopping which is amazing market place online having all the products clothing, home appliances, kitchen appliances, and many more products with great offers as well.


Hair curlers price in nepal

Hair curlers are specially those hair products which are used in styling hairs, some people have curls in their hair from their birth but sometimes people want to style differently so they use these kinds of hair products for a complete different look. Basically hair roller or hair curler are small tube type of thing that is rolled over a person’s hair in such a way that the hair get curls itself. The roller diameter varies from type to type its found in different sizes from 0.8 inches which is used for smaller curls to 1.5 inches which is used for wavy and bigger curls. This curls can be made by two ways they are in natural ways and artificial way. In Natural the hair is first sprayed with water and the curlers are fitted into the person’s hair and in the second one hair spray are used and hot roller is used for curling hair.

Hot rollers or curlers are heat producing rods which is mostly used by professionals for styling and inventing new hair styles, this rods converts electricity into heats and then the heat is transferred to hair strains for curling. There are different methods of curling hair and different products are also used in it. There are hair iron which are used for straighten the hair of person. Hair spray is used while curling hair through these hair irons, hair curlers to place them in still. The fact of these curlers are the natural way doesn’t make any kind of hair damage but the use of hair iron and electrical hair curler make a lot of hair damage if its not maintained properly like we have to use hair spray for best results, heat protecting spray for not having an intense hair damage. Precaution can be taken while using these hair irons, straightners and curlers.

There are various products ordinary as well as branded hair irons, hair curlers, hair straightner in Nepali market. Brands like Flyco, Philips, , Kemei, Nova, and many more brands . You can get these Hair curlers price in Nepal at very meaningful price. Also get special offers and beat deals on online Nepal which the most popular online shopping market place which also includes various products for its consumer like consumer electronics, home appliances, fashion clothing, mens accessories, womens accessories , branded watches and many more.


Hair products in Nepal

There are different hair products in the market available widely with various brands. Hair is one of the most important part of the body cause it gives perfect look to girls and guys. Hair products mainly includes two types of categories they are hair care and hair styling. Hair care include various treatment, oiling, and cleaning overall complete hygiene of hair and make the hair more stronger and shinier whereas , hair styling  includes the styling range, hair clips, rubber bands, hair bands, styling appliances like hair straightening iron, hair straightening  cream and many other such products. People now days often make hair damages like whether its for hair grown from human scalp or for body. Different types of people have different skin condition so while using such products without knowing whether its good or bad for them the consequences comes out horrifyingly like hair damage, skin darkening, acne’s and other skin problems.

As hair care includes many types of treatments for making human hair healthy and shiny. The proper oil must be used for suitable hair and avoiding of shampoo cause it contains lot of molecules that actually absorb the quality and shine of hair, as recommended people should rinse their hair with shampoo twice in a week. After shampooing conditioner is compulsory to use as it gives smoothness and shine to the hair. Where hair styling make  people gorgeous and fashionable as well. Hair styling also includes cutting where the style is been made by cutting and trimming hairs it is specially done by professionals in beauty saloon. Hair iron are used to straightened and curl hair accordingly and arrange them in such way of style. It also includes hair coloring which is getting very much popular these mostly for women and girls.

Mostly these two paragraph’s explain the main point that what are hair products and benefits of using them. Hair product in Nepal are oils, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment creams, hair styling iron, clips, rubber bands, hair bands, styling tools like comb, scissors and many more. You can get these items and vast range products online on Online Nepal which is the most popular market and shopping place. Also get various products like from clothing, appliances, kitchen appliances ,decorating items, showpieces, and many more get these items and get exciting offers and best deals and cheap and best price online.


hair wax in Nepal

Hair wax is simply a synthetic gel which is helped to style hair and also to pluck out unwanted hair of the body. Specially These hair waxes are made from natural ingredients however the demand is getting high these days so synthetic hair wax are also in use. These hair waxes are specified by its categories they are Beeswax, Candelilla wax, Carnauba wax, Castor wax, Emulsifying wax, Japan wax, Lanolin and Ozokerite. The Beeswax which is also known as natural wax, this wax is specially produced by Honeybees  of the genus apis. This wax is formed into ‘’scales ‘’ by eight wax producing glands which is situated in the abdominal segments of worker bees. The Candeilla wax is produced by the leaves of candeililla shrub which is mostly found in Mexico and southwestern United States. Also it is insoluble in water, but soluble in many organic solvents like chloroform, acetone, turpentine and benzene.

Carnauba wax is also known as palm wax or Brazil wax which essential’s are extracted from the leaves of palm called Copernicia cerifera, this is a native plant which is grown in northeastern Brazilian states. Castor wax which is also known as hydrogenated castor oil which is very hard, brittle , Vegetable wax. This wax is used for many purposes like polishing, cosmetics, electric capacitors, lubrication, carbon papers, coating, greases and many other such activities. This wax is odourless and is insoluble in water. Japan wax also known as sumac wax is a pale yellow wax which is water insoluble , its gives solid gummy feel and is used for making candles, furniture polishes, wax matches, soap, floor waxes, food packaging. Lanoline wax is also known as wool wax  which is secreted from sebaceous gland of wool bearing animals. This wax is used in making of various cosmetics items like facial cosmetics, lip products and other such products.

In above paragraph we know the types and the activities which can be done by these waxes, though hair wax in Nepal is very popular and is used to pluck out natural unwanted hair from the skin. Mostly women and girls use these hair waxes for smooth and healthier skin, Men use less . There are many beauty saloon which provides this service of waxing. This hair wax can also be purchased from online on online Nepal at cheap price with best branded quality.



Daniel wellington price in Nepal

Daniel wellington watch was established in 2011A.D. It was founded by Mr. Filip Tysander these watches are Swiss watches whose company is also known as Daniel wellington. These watches are best in their elegance and minimalist style statement. They have usually leather strap on the wrist watches but they have also evolved in making nylon NATO straps wrist watches as well. These DW watches are manufactured in China and the quartz movement is made by Miyota, which is a Japanese company. The quick and remarkable success was achieved by the manufacturers  specially with the feature of digital strategy used and also with the help up social media like instagram  with 2.4 million subscribers of these watches. For Mr. Filip the founder of DW watches it was an coincident he was travelling by the time he thought of creating this Daniel wellington watches. In this journey he met many of the people but he was very impressed by one British personality with impeccable yet unpretentious style. This man had a great fondness of wearing old watches with NATO straps or Nylon straps and his name was Daniel wellington so Mr. Filip he named his product Daniel wellington because the main idea came from him.

Inspired by his new acquaintance’s timeless style, Filip decided to create one of it own watches naming Daniel wellington. These watches are minimalistic and refined, with its classic design and interchangeable straps truly remarkable. Its not been many years of Daniel wellington company or watches these design are still an important part of Daniel wellington watches for making them so special. DW loved to wear NATO straps watches he used to wear old watches with nylon starps.  Filip liked the idea as he mix such a great color combination with DW watches also he thinned up the dial of watches for an elegant look.

There are various design’s in these watches also the strap are replicable people like these kind watches , these watches are also water resistant and its timeless beauty of the watch makes it more special. Daniel wellington price in Nepal starts with Rs 22000 only. The copies of this classy watches are also made and are available in stores as well these watches can be cheaper in those store but the quality differs as they are copies of the original Daniel wellington watches. Get these watches online on online Nepal shop them at meaningful price.


Football jersey price in Nepal

A Jersey is a clothing’s which is especially worn by sports man of various sports, such as football, cricket, basketball , volleyball, kabadi etc .A Jersey reflects  the name of player, their specific number and logo of the team as well some logo of the sponsors. Jersey has many benefits. some of them are, it helps to identify the player of own team by others player while playing. Also the audience can easily identify the player of specific team. The Jersey of famous players and his specific number are honored after his retirement. And that specific number is made unavailable for future use by any other player. Originally Jersey was made only from wool, but nowadays it is made from wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. Since this product was first produced in Channel Island, it is named as Jersey. The fabric used for making Jersey can be stretchy, single knitting and usually light-weight.

There are various types of Jersey generally used. Some of them are:- Single jersey Double jersey Interlock jersey Jacquard jersey Clocque jersey Basically in football team the goalkeeper is given a different color of Jersey than the other player and mainly number as 1. Jersey was called Sweaters in Canada before. In Australian football it’s called “guernsey”.In Cycling jerseys of specific color or pattern represent certain statuses in cycling, such as the maillot jaune(yellow jersey) of the leader of the Tour de France, or the rainbow jersey. The World Cycling Union also says a champion must wear the champions jersey in a race, not the team jersey. Football jersey’s are more popular n world cup season cause people cheers their own favorite team and player by wearing these jersey’s.

You can get these football jersey’s online on Online Nepal which is the largest platform of online shopping in Nepal where you can get all kinds of goods and gadgets and accessories online at great price, deals and offers. These football jerseys in Nepal are mostly worn by men and these jersey are more popular among Nepalese people. Football jersey price in Nepal starts with  Rs750 only, with 100% polyester fabric with exact same design of players also with the numbers. There are also many sports jersey’s available like for playing cricket ,cricket jersey is there, for Rugby the rugby jersey is available, for basketball also there is jersey available in Nepalese  market  get them all online at great offers.


Timberland shoes price in Nepal

Timberland LLC is an American company which is also a manufacturer and retailer of outdoor wears as well as footwear’s. Moreover this company focuses on making footwear’s. It is owned by VF corporation . Timberland footwear’s  is marketed in such a way intended for outdoor uses to the people. The company also sells apparels like clothes, watches, sunglasses, leather products like jackets and many more. The company that provides leather to Timberland is Horween leather company.Timberland company was established in 1952 whose founder was Nathan Swarts in Boston . He firstly bought a company named The Abington Shoe Company in South Boston in half of an interest  mainly having contract work for other manufacturers. However Nathan got enough profit to buy the company in 1955.In 1973 the brand name ‘’Timberland’’ was given to the company and was firstly introduce for leather boots which was specialized  with waterproof  feature also because boots were popularly trending those days.

Timberland added a range of boots in late 1970s. In 1980s the company expanded internationally, in 1990s Timberland Company started to manufacture more products like watches, clothes, sunglasses. Timberland shoes are tough and durable and complete the looks and make it fashionable. Timberland Company manufactures shoes and clothes and send them to their different stores worldwide. Timberland brand has 85 stores itself in only US, 18 stores in Canada, 34 stores in UK,3 in Venezuela and 1 each stores in Colombia and Argentina. It’s a worldwide growing company having wide customers. Timberland shoes in Nepal are very comfortable and people here like the product as it have a great quality and also its durable. There is only one store in Nepal which is situated in Pulchowk, Labim mall, you can get the products, clothes, sunglasses, shoes and many more .

Nepal has some best branded shoes stores like Liberty, Addidas, Nike, Timberland, etc. But still you can get them online on Online Nepal which is more popular among people nowadays. People are often busy these days so they prefer online shopping whether its clothes and apparel, accessories, shoes, watches, sunglasses, home appliances, kitchen appliances and many more products they get all these items online to see and select their products .But still people cant afford it because it’s a bit expensive but the quality is good people pay for its quality and durability. Shop these footwear’s  in an amazing offers online on online Nepal.


Shoes in nepal

A shoe is a item of footwear intended to protect and make human foot comfortable while walking or doing other outdoor activities. Shoes are also a part of an outfit. There are different shoes which are worn in different occasions and also casual footwear’s are there for running, playing and doing other activities. Thus, the trend of wearing shoes has an interesting history too. The earliest known footwear was a sandal which was found in 1938 in Fort rock cave in the US state of Oregon which were from approximately 7000 or 8000 BC. Also the world’s oldest shoes were found in Armenia which was made up of cowhide along with a leather cord in 2008 A.D which was believed to be dated 3500 BC. However, Shoe manufacturing and shoe making get commercialized in mid 18th century, getting expanded from cottage industries. Warehouses began to store these shoes manufactured by many small industries.

In modern present 21st century various brands and company are involved in manufacturing luxurious shoes, formal footwears, and other shoes . Moreover sports brands shoes are popular cause they are used in various activities like running, in gym, playing, and athletes prefer these shoes best cause it also have well friction with the ground. Some popular shoes are Addidas, Nike, woodland, converse, timberland, etc some shoes are related to dance activity as well like tap shoes, ballet shoes, ladies ballroom shoes, men’s  ballroom shoes, Ghillies, Jazz shoes, whereas in women categories  there are high heels, mules, slingback, court shoes popularly known as pumps in US, also platform shoes, sandals, slip-on shoes, Boat shoes also there are boots for winter and rainy season as well for men and women. For men’s  footwear’s the type’s are Oxford, derby shoe, monk strap, slip-ons, plain toes, cap toes, brogues, sports shoes as well.

 Shoes in Nepal is a most trending product people buy lots of pair of shoes for different occasion like party, function, outing, picnic, playing, dancing and other activities. The most popular brands in Nepal for all kinds of footwear’s are Goldstar, Shikhar, Timberland, Woodland, Nike, Addidas, also get some Indian brand like Liberty, Relaxo and so on. The shoes price in Nepal starts from Rs 500 only you can get these shoes online on online shopping in Nepal at valuable price and also explore more are all kind of products online.