Real Estate Nepal

Real Estate Nepal

Nepal is a developing country consisting a lot of future possibilities in all the development sector. Many new cities, roads, business complex, community center and other real estate properties are raising in a speed way.


Consisting 7 different states with different city capital make the country landscapes full of possibilities and many people has been investing in the properties seeking the many possible future profit market. The open lands, business properties, individual’s properties are being made up best with all the important needs to make it best having infrastructure like water, electricity, roads and other needed things. People today do not invest on un profitable properties which led most of the real estate in Nepal are still being vacated for the people who will to have bulk places. There are people in country who are buying a lot of empty land and selling them fulfilling the best infrastructure and all the needed things to make it the gold from silver.

Omshu real estate is an agency which is operating its business to promote and help the buyers and sellers to make a combination as well as helps in renovating houses in Nepal, and renting property in Nepal. Having deep knowledge in the broker agency the core team of omshu real-estate aims to make people within and outside the country to choose the best property that they are willing to buy or rent from whole country.

Its not easy to run and operate an agency which works for the best part aiming to fulfill the needs. Many people want to buy property in new area where they don’t have any connection, the work is done by real estate Nepal or omshu real estate. No worries now for making any trouble in finding and visiting different properties, the company provides paid and free advertisements for the sellers and allow more and more buyers to visit the property to buy it from them. This is the best part that a broker agency gives to the customers for making business of real estates. Being a developing country many people who are outside the country want to build houses in good area, which has been given the best priority. If you are not in Nepal but wants to buy land or any sort of properties do contact omshu real estate they offer the best services in this field that no other agency can offer.





HamroBazar a typical Nepali word which describes as market, where all the items are found. Hamro a Nepali word which describes as ours, hence hamrobazar actually means to be our market in a single term. In Nepal It is a very unique term, people who has shops around the cities name their place as bazar, or in the field of internet, its is a unique key that will help you to find all the needed items from household to the clothing and all others to be part of the different shops in a single place.

Shopinnepal aims to be all the people market, its hamrobazar where you all can find more and more unique and genuine products which will help tons of people around the country to get it through this platform. Here at Shopinnepal people can buy from a tiny soap to the large refrigerator which will be provided in the easy way with less price than that of the market and lots and lots of surprises and happiness for all the customers all around the area who aims to get the services provided by the Shopinnepal team.



Samsung Galaxy J2 price in Nepal


Samsung Galaxy J2 price in Nepal

Samsung J2 is a old model of Samsung mobile phones, it was released in 2015. The Samsung Galaxy J2 was released with many unique features at that time. The Samsung Galaxy J2 is powered by iffy Exynos 3475 Quad core processor, Has a modest of 8 GB ROM and 1GB RAM, Samsung J2 price in Nepal is dropped from Rs 11,990 to Rs 10,990,Has 4.7 inch QHD AMOLED display, 540×960 pixels. Front camera of this Samsung J2 is 2 mega pixel only whereas rear camera is of 5 megapixel. However this mobile has outdated version of OS which is android version lollipop 5.1. The battery power of this device is 2000Mah and has two SIM slot, one normal SIM and other SIM supports 4G LTE. The new model was launched again after the success and also improving some features of Samsung J2 2015. Samsung J2 (2016) has some major changes , has larger display from its previous model J2 (2015) it has 5 inch touch screen display, resolution is about 720×1280 pixel, this Samsung Galaxy  J2 is powered by 1.5Ghz quad-core processor and its comes with more RAM capacity, 1.5Gb RAM. This phone has 8 Gb internal storage whereas external storage can be expanded till 128Gb by microSD, also the camera of this device is improved as previous device had 5 mega pixel camera in rear this device has 8 mega pixel camera in rear and front camera of this j2 (2016) is 5 mega pixel whereas old model was inbuilt with 2 megapixel only. The device is powered by Android 6.0 version OS, and have removable battery powered 2600Mah  battery. The Samsung Galaxy(2016) have only single SIM(GSM) slot. Connectivity options is this device is Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, FM and supports 3G and 4G.After release of this model many other models were launched, more advance and promising devices, like Samsung Galaxy J2 pro, J2 Ace, These model are also available till the date and one can get them online as well.  including various brands and products sell these device at affordable prices.


Samsung J7 price in Nepal

Samsung J7 price in Nepal

Samsung J7 was launched in June 2017. This was a hit model at that time. This Samsung J7 have many upgraded features which makes it a must have device in your pocket. This J7 have larger touchscreen display of 5.05 inch with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, this mobile contains 13 megapixels of rear camera and 13 megapixel shooter for perfect selfie.Samsung J7 price in Nepal is Rs 21,900.Its battery power is durable and has capacity of 3600mAh,this model comes in two colors gold and black, Processor used in it is 1.6Ghz Octa-core processor, RAM is 6Gb and external memory can be expandable upto 256 GB.Android system used in it is Android 7.0.Their are also such features and this model did well in the market as well even today some people wants for this model as it is cheap and has the qualities which one can ask for to be in their mobile phone. Samsung J7 price in Nepal is just Rs 21,900 as we said, they are also available in some online shopping companies in Nepal.Online shopping in Nepal also make deliveries all over Nepal, so you can just log in to their sites or just make a call to them for an order. The Samsung galaxy J7+ is yet to belauched in September 22 in India however Thailand is the country in which this handset will be made available. Samsung Galaxy J7+ price in Nepal will be around Rs 40,000-  Rs 45000. The pre-order started from last friday in september 17. Samsung galaxy J7+ will launched with the major changes in this new model. Samsung Galaxy J7 was the first of all in this model range later many of the model were introduced including J7 prime, J7 pro ,J7 nxt and soon samsung Galaxy J7+ will be launched. Anyhow some features of new J7+ are leaked they are the camera pixels will be improved from 13 Mega pixel rear camera with 5 mega pixel front camera, The latest AOS version  Android 7.1.1 Nougat is used ,metallic body,stylish look,4GB RAM and 32Gb internal storage, whereas external storage can be expanded to 256Gb.


Samsung galaxy note 8 price in Nepal

samsung galaxy note 8

The New Samsung galaxy Note 8 is all set to release in Nepal. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest new handset which will be launched in 18 September in Nepal. As previous model many of the cases were their of fault in the manufacture and blasting of the cell phone, so the Samsung  Note 7 didn’t go very well with the customer as well, this new model of Samsung Galaxy note 8 is the latest version which comes with various new and eye catching features. As Samsung galaxy note 8 hasn’t arrived till date, it will be launched in 18 September. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price in Nepal is 102990 .


About the features this new Galaxy note 8 has a dynamic screen comes in a 2940×1440 pixels resolution has 6.3 inch super AMOLED display. PPI rates to 521 pixels. Some of the Samsung Galaxy s8 and S8+ features are also inbuilt in it. It runs on Android 7.1.1 nougat with Android Oreo under development. Also features with various connective options like Bluetooth 5.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, USB 3.1 type-C connector, also have an optional Dual Sim card slot. One more amazing feature that it is fully waterproof.RAM of this note 8 is 6GB more than any other phones of galaxy series, and the internal storage goes up to 256GB with 64GB and 128GB as the other options. As per Samsung galaxy S8 , S8+ is more bigger comparatively it has 6.2” infinity display, whereas note 8 has 6.3” of display. It has sleek and stylish design but it is priced high if one can’t be able to get this note 8 Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the better option than this.


Pre-orders have been taken and soon it will be launched in Nepal as well, consumers are just waiting to see the newest model of Samsung galaxy series. Online shoppers have also placed their order but they have to wait a bit, online shopping in Nepal will also distribute the handsets of Samsung .One can simply buy them by just one click into their mobile or PC. Samsung galaxy note 8 price in Nepal is estimated worth Rs  102990 only. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one an only model which will be in the ring with the amazing Iphone X .


Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Nepal


Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+ are the two best and latest new mobile phones launched recently and released in April all over the world. The price of Samsung galaxy S8 was $720 in US. Samsung Galaxy S8 has some coolest features till date, and it comes in sleek and curvy design, it more stylish and curvy than the previous Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It has also full screen HD display, as previous Samsung Galaxy S7 edge had 5.1 inch display the Samsung Galaxy S8 has full screen display of about 5.8 inch.It has an amazing Quad-HD 2960×1440 resolution. Samsung galaxy s8 price in Nepal is around Rs82000.

In previous paragraph we explain about its outer design and resolution now we are about to tell you about its basic features which will blow your mind. As there is many merits in this new Samsung Galaxy s8 and S8 +.This mobile phones comes in many colors: Midnight black, Orchid gray, Coral blue, Arctic silver, Maple gold and  Rose pink. The S8 height is 8mm whereas the s8+ is huge 8.1mm. The screen Dimension of S8 is 5.8” whereas the S8+ has huge 6.2” full screen Dimension. The mobile also features one of the rare HDR and its also Mobile HDR certified which makes make’s it able to stream High dynamic resolution and make able to watch Amazon prime videos and Netflix. The HDR is a new evolution in TV tech. The screen display of Samsung S8 + is 6.2” Quad-HD super AMOLED 2960×1440. The pixel per inch(PPI) of S8 is 570 and the PPI of S8+ is  529. Front camera of S8 is 8MP AF with wide selfie whereas the rare camera is 12MP AF in both the handsets. 4K video recording, 1080p HD video recording at 30fps or 60fps, 720HD video recording at 30fps.

Also there are various features hidden, its sleek and stylish design perfectly fits in one’s palm. One can also get these Samsung mobile S8 and S8+ from online shopping in Nepal also with attractive discount rate. Its about to start October and you can get many offers on online shopping in Nepal as it is the festive season get various offers and many more on online shopinnepal. As described in above paragraph the Samsung galaxy S8 price in Nepal Starts from Rs 82000 only.


Iphone 8 price in Nepal


Finally, the wait is over for the new Iphone 8. On September 12 the world renown brand Apple launched the new Iphone 8 series with additional features . Apple launched three new models Iphone 8,Iphone 8 plus  and Iphone X which a bit big screen among the two of them. However, The pre-order and registration will be start from September 15 and product will distributed from date September 22. It will still take a lot of time to be distributed in Nepal.Hence, Iphone 8 price in Nepal is not disclosed but it is estimated to be around 1 lakh or more.

As every one knows that this new Iphone 8 has a slight change from its old model Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus. These new model have amazing design with glass back and front with aluminum frame surrounded by which gives it an elegant and stylish touch. Features like wireless charging, The 3.5mm headphone jack is still gone, which may continue irk audio buffs.Its back glass which helps this new Iphone to  pair up with its Qi wireless charging, which is one of the most important features till now. Also these Iphone are full dust and water resistant . The Iphone 8 plus is more larger than Iphone 8 and Iphone X having 4.7” screen for both the Iphone models whereas Iphone 8 plus has 5.5”  huge screen. Talking about camera qualities  Iphone 8 has amazing 12MP primary camera whereas Iphone 8 plus .has 12Mp rear ƒ/1.8 lens with a telephoto ƒ/2.8 lens. Also these new models have speakers which are 25 percent lauder and deeper bass.

Both devices features larger and faster sensor,new color filters and deeper pixels. It has got a beautiful sleek design and also capture 4k resolution video’s at 60 fps. With a 326 ppi density it has one of the most sharp and vibrant display. It has got fast wireless charging support i.e. gets charged up 50 % in 30 min. Iphone 8 has various amazing features like the face ID ,your face will be your password, there won’t be any home bottom ,which will enhance it stylish and sleek look.


Samsung mobile price in Nepal








About Nepal

Nepal is a land of beauty, it is a landlocked country which is surrounded by India and china. The shape of the country in the map is likely a rectangle shape India is surrounded by three parts and China by one part. Nepal is also divided by three parts geologically region s they are Terai region, Hilly region, Himalayan region. Recently a massive earthquake had stroked this holy land the earthquake was recorded 7.8 rector scale followed with 500+ aftershocks and many of lives were taken by this massive natural disaster. Nepal is a beautiful country, and holy land of Lord Shiva which is one he most worshiped god in Hindu culture. Nepal has some very essential minerals as well like iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, tin, uranium, and some rare metals are found in different regions of Nepal.

The three region classified on the base of geography these three regions differs climate as well. Terai region which is hottest region among all, hilly region having humid temperature and Himalayan region consisting of many snowy mountains are situated their so this region is coldest of them all. Terai is region basically is linked with Indian border. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu which is situated right in the middle of the country. This country is also classified in different developing regions as well for focus and development of the country the 5 regions are Eastern development region, Central development region, western development region, Mid-western development region, and last but not the least Far western development region,  also headquartering many cities. Nepal is full of diversity in caste and religion. Each and every caste have their own famous and important festival which is celebrated by togetherness in their community.

The people living here are most of Hindus so the main festival of Nepal is considered as Dashain and Tihar which falls in October month. The whole month is celebrated with rituals, and also called as festive season. In Dashain Goddess Durga is worshipped for 9 days and on 10 days people use to were Tika and Jamara which is placed by the elders of the family member with many good wishes for people. It is the land of Gautam Buddha and the highest peak Mount Everest which is also known as Sagarmatha in Nepal. There are some beautiful scenery and some famous holy places situated here. Visit Nepal for to view its inner beauty by your eyes.