HamroBazar a typical Nepali word which describes as market, where all the items are found. Hamro a Nepali word which describes as ours, hence hamrobazar actually means to be our market in a single term. In Nepal It is a very unique term, people who has shops around the cities name their place as bazar, or in the field of internet, its is a unique key that will help you to find all the needed items from household to the clothing and all others to be part of the different shops in a single place.

Shopinnepal aims to be all the people market, its hamrobazar where you all can find more and more unique and genuine products which will help tons of people around the country to get it through this platform. Here at Shopinnepal people can buy from a tiny soap to the large refrigerator which will be provided in the easy way with less price than that of the market and lots and lots of surprises and happiness for all the customers all around the area who aims to get the services provided by the Shopinnepal team.


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